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The Demon raised his eyes in suspicion. He hadn’t had very many good encounters with the ‘grey faces’ “Fine… I suppose.”


Whhhy not?





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I’ve watched this 3-second clip like eighteen times 

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It was a rainy day, though it was more like a drizzle. She walked away from camp to look for anything new or of use. But everything was the same, and she was good on supplies. During her walk she noticed the circus in the distance. Curious and wondering how things were going she walk towards it. Not realizing how long she's been out and how close it was to being dark.





The gates were open and inviting though no one seemd to be around, almost it was almost eerie, Cyril of course was in his own tent trying to tend to a gash wound on his back, some demon hunter bearing a holy sword had taken a swing at him and got a good hit in, before Cyril liquidated him. He sighed, Wounds like this were so difficult to get clean.

(there i was thinking she could help clean it and be sweet then the frackle PFT)


She was surprised that her comment really made him blush, even enough to make his hand tremble in hers. Even to make him practically speechless. “I guess you don’t get such comments on your claws? Shame really, they really are nice and well kept claws.” She softly touches his fingers and claws.

He closed his eyes as if to steady himself. His fingers still shaking. He cursed himself, he was blushing like a child. “y-yes w-well” he cleared his throat trying to steady his voice. “Thank you.” He quickly reached for the gloves he’d placed on the bed. 

She couldn’t help but smile a little seeing his reaction. Though when he reached for his gloves she pouted a bit looking up at him. Still holding his hand and rubbing it gently to feel the softness of his skin and smoothness of his claws. “Do you really have to put the gloves back on? Can’t you leave them off for a while? I don’t want you to feel like you have to keep them covered all the time while I’m here.” She didn’t want him to be uncomfortable or anything.

He stammered again cursing in a strange language as he dropped the gloves and ended up clawing a gash in his blankets in an attempt to catch them. “I.. suppose not.” his hand was still quivering in hers. He couldn’t look at her, ashamed by the flush on his cheeks. 

just a little closer

just a little closer

Guys guys guys. Look I redrew Mikey from this morning. :3 Muuch betters. look at those precious eyes. 
This is a problem. &lt;3

Guys guys guys. Look I redrew Mikey from this morning. :3 Muuch betters. 
look at those precious eyes. 

This is a problem. <3