Yep, her hand is still in the bandage, now her chest is too

"Now I remember why I stopped hugging new people, some people just really hate affection" she whined, not that she was gonna blame em, she supposed they didn’t like it in the same way she hated being called little "nn, this is gonna take ages to heal up"

The demon tapped her shoulder lightly, dressed as always, sharply with a smirk on his face. “That looks painful~” he taunts lightly.

-Lucia looked at some fliers. A Circus had come to town, and she was VERY curious on what was going on. She was also very confused on why a circus would be here in the poor-middle class area and not closer to richer folks.-




It was quite a simple flyer, not to flashy and not to expensive looking. Cirque De Necro. Done in black, white, and red. The circus would open late, the music slow and alluring to those near by. 


A small blue light, glowing over the stage shimmered to life, it looked like a will-o-wisp. It floated in front of something that looked vaguely human, but in the dark it was hard to tell, The wisp floated in mid-air before levitating above the stage and with a spark it copied it’s self so two blue orbs levitated side by side. The glowed softly in the darkness, before exploding into red fire, the spheres whipping forward above the crowd, leaving a trail of glowing fire behind them, The fire that grew into a long serpentine shape it coiled in the air, the glowing blue orbs acting as eyes as they glittered looking over the crowd. The heat was tremendous the fire took shape, until it was a eastern dragon with horrifying features staring back at the crowd, the dragon opened it’s great maws and roared, a sound that made ones chest vibrate. Thin tendrils acting as whiskers licked at the air. The figure on the stage was a woman, still hard to see much even with the fiery dragon above her, it appeared as if part of bleached skull was showing atop her head, she hand her arms out and poster resembled the dragons, leaned forward with her fingers curled into claws.

-Lucia was impressed. Her eyes wide with a bit of child like wonder. Who ever this demon was, he REALLY went all out with his powers. She would have to be extra careful when this was all over, but she would not lie though. Her breath was quick, she was on the edge of her seat, and she kinda wanted to see the outcome of this.-

The ground below the audience glowed with a bluish light, and a small girl, stepped forward, she stood the dragon down, which stared at her with burning eyes. For a second, everything seemed still, the girl, and the Dragon, both never wavering, and then the dragon flashed forward, jaws open as if to devour the girl standing between the aisles, with a quick movement of her arms the glowing on the floor surged upwards, it felt warm and soothing as it rushed forward, washing up over the audience to meet the dragon, the met for a moment only feet above the audience before the dragon let loose a cry of pain and whipped it’s head backwards, the glowing blue shape finally becoming sold, above the girl a giant gold fish hung in the air, it’s body dripping blue. 



"I don’t even know why… I bother…" She yawned once more. "I always…end up……sleeping here….it’s like I live here…almost…." At this point the drowsy girl could barely stand, her legs wobbling as she tried to walk across the room to his, though more like ‘their’, bed.

He let out a slight huff of amusement, and pushed her with his huge hand, very lightly to the bed. Of course he practically swept her off her feet, being much stronger than he knew. Though he stopped at the bed and whined, being as heavy as he was he’d probably snap the bed frame. So instead of letting her climb into bed he swept her up into his arms, a little awkwardly at first as he was much larger than usual, and she was much lighter, and cradled her against his chest. He pulled the mattress off the bed frame and lay it down on the floor, tearing huge slashes into the fabric he lay her down and did his best to tuck her in, moving to curl around her. He really should get her a key, he’d been thinking about it for a while. 

(Source: cirque-de-necro)

It was a rainy day, though it was more like a drizzle. She walked away from camp to look for anything new or of use. But everything was the same, and she was good on supplies. During her walk she noticed the circus in the distance. Curious and wondering how things were going she walk towards it. Not realizing how long she's been out and how close it was to being dark.




The gates were open and inviting though no one seemd to be around, almost it was almost eerie, Cyril of course was in his own tent trying to tend to a gash wound on his back, some demon hunter bearing a holy sword had taken a swing at him and got a good hit in, before Cyril liquidated him. He sighed, Wounds like this were so difficult to get clean.

(there i was thinking she could help clean it and be sweet then the frackle PFT)


He growls at her from the pain, but quickly shuts himself up. “Maybe ten minutes ago..” He grumbled, sighing as she finally bandaged the wound. 

She made sure to be careful as she wrapped the bandage around him. “Alright…sorry if I hurt you, I did my best not to.” Eventually she was finished and she softly rubbed over the bandage to smooth it out a bit. “Is it to tight or anything? Does it feel right to you?”

He smirks at her slightly, “Of course it is~ you bandaged it~” teasingly he shifts, a tiny twitch of pain on his face as he attempts to stand, looking stiff. “I’m not fond of holy water. Hurts like a god damn bitch.” Of course he left out the part where his brother tortured him with it before… 


"Yo, I’m trying to help you Mr. Poleuphisass, if you don’t have the balls to help her then let me try, enough people despise already so another person couldn’t fucking do nothing on me." She hissed at him with a stomp of her steel-toe boot, giving him a firm look with hard amber eyes. "If you knew that meat bag was even out there, why did you even let that girl out?"

This time something in him seemed to snap. He stood before her his eyes glimmering down in a horrible fashion. He looked even less human than usual, his head spikes, almost looking like giant horns. “Oh? You think I let this happen?” his voice was low, a deep chuckle rumbled out of his chest. “Ria I should tear you into little tiny peices.” he leaned close to her, looking dead serious, his eyes dark and his stare unwavering, the sly grin absent from his face. “You wont die of course, little pieces all screaming in pain.” He closed his eyes as if he could hear it in his head, “Like a symphony~” those dark eyes focused on her once more. “And then we’d sew you back together again… bit.. by bit.” a slight hesitation, maybe to let it sink in, or was that a thoughtful look on his face, “I’ve done worse to people before who have insulted me.” 

(Source: cirque-de-necro)

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